Who Is Bro. Philemon?

Bro. Philemon (Ishmael Philemon Ackon) is a Christian Music song writer, singer and composer Based in Takoradi currently Domiciled in China with the main aim of impacting lives with the Word of God and the son Jesus Christ through this soul inspiring music.

Growing up in the Manse, Bro. Philemon had so many influences through church music and had the support of his parents; Mrs. Beatrice Ivy Ackon and the late Rev Emmanuel Eddie E Ackon of the Methodist Church Ghana.

Bro. Philemon showed interest in christian music to help draw people closer to God and inspire lives. His songs enriches the core values of our Christian lives, life without music they say is like a journey through the lonely desert, what more can you asks for listening to music filled with the word of God from Bro. Philemon’s M’asan Aba album?

His music delivers the Word of God into your spirit, quenches your thirst in your journey through the desert, lead men to worship, bringing them to the tabernacle of the Holiest of Hollies, keeps dancing off your worries, whiles praising God for whatever situation you are in.